Once upon a time, when the kids were just toddlers, Daniel bought them each a kite.  We were in Maui, and a day presented itself as perfect weather for flying kites.  We set ourselves up on a wide expanse of beach.  Daniel unfurled a kite, we lifted it up into the air, and Dragon and Hannah each took turns holding the kite.

Along came a wind, pulling the string tight in Dragon’s hands.  Although Daniel tried to help him hold onto it, that wind stole the kite.  Daniel quickly chased after it, hoping the wind would let it drop, but the kite soon stuck itself out of reach, in the tall branches of a tree.  Daniel came back dejectedly, announcing to Dragon, “I’m sorry, buddy.  I ran after your kite.  I tried and tried to get it back, but I’m sorry.  I lost your kite.”

Dragon looked at his father with serious eyes, and with deep earnestness and sincerity, told him,
“It’s okay, Daddy.  That was Hannah’s kite.”