The Music Program

Bringing Music to Life.
The Music Program

Bringing Music to Life


We started the Foundation in 2015 with a Music Program. Dragon loved many things, but he was most passionate about music. As a freshman in high school, he wanted to create a music program that would provide instruments and free, high quality music instruction for kids who didn’t have the resources for expensive music lessons. Through the Foundation, we brought Dragon’s dream to life starting with a small music program with 14 kids in January, 2016. Our music program now serves 200+ young children and high school teaching assistants every year — with one location in Los Angeles County and one in Orange County. Young kids gain exposure to music in many forms — band, orchestra, guitar, choir — and high schoolers get to experience the rewards of sharing their love of music.

In our music programs, we welcome passionate learners with limited access to musical instruction into an interactive teaching team that fosters a love for music.

At the Orange County School of the Arts, we give children three options for learning music: to join a choir, a band, or a strings orchestra. 

At the California School of the Arts – San Gabriel Valley, we offer children general music instruction, ukulele, and guitar instruction.

Want to learn more?  Reach us at [email protected]

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