The Fellowship Program

A Social Entrepreneurship Incubator. Earn $5,000 in funding to
impact your community!

Program Overview
The Fellowship Program

A Social Entrepreneurship Incubator.
Earn $5,000 in funding to
impact your community!

Program Overview


DKF-8, The Eternal Flames

This year, we have selected 60 incredible projects out of 519 applicants to partake in our 2024 Dragon Kim Fellowship. With their eager and passionate hearts, DKF-8 will be working arduously with our team to change their corners of the world. Each Fellowship team will participate in our intensive leadership training and gain 1-on-1 business mentorship all while having access to a $5,000 grant. It is with great enthusiasm that we launch our DKF-8 Cohort, ready to see the change that will come about this summer as a result of their hard work. Are you ready to see our new Dragons shoot past the stars?

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This is more than a typical fellowship. Much more. It’s a six months, hands-on leadership training and mentoring program designed to help you lead and launch your service project idea from start to finish. We’ll work with you step by step, so there is no experience or background needed to apply! 


You and your team will attend three weekends of Leadership and Business training with the whole Fellowship cohort.


You’ll have a dedicated mentor to offer guidance every week.

Project Funding

Your team can budget up to $5,000 to bring your service project idea to life.

Check out some project
examples below!

You’re a great fit for the fellowship if you:

  • Are currently enrolled as a high school student in California, Nevada, or Arizona
  • Have an idea for addressing a need or problem in your community
  • Have a passion or talent you want to use to empower others
  • Are willing to step out of your comfort zone to grow
  • Want to learn and implement the ins and outs of running a business
  • Collaborate well with others
  • Are available to launch your service project in the summer (March-August)
  • Can attend all of our program dates

Application Process

Sample Program Timeline

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Frequently Asked Questions

How much does the Fellowship Cost?

Nothing! This is a 100% sponsor-based program. It’s free to apply and free to participate. There is no tuition, and all supplies and meals are covered during our Weekend Leadership Trainings. Commuting Fellows are responsible for their own transportation, room, and board. Finally, Fellows who qualify may request a Financial Aid Scholarship through our Equity Fund. All of our activities are made accessible by our generous donors and volunteers.

How many people can apply per project idea?

You may apply alone, in a group of two, or a group of three. Applications who apply alone are strongly encouraged to find a project partner, as our program can be very time consuming.

Do my project partners have to come from the same school?

As long as they are also high school students, project partners can be from any school! You may also apply with siblings or family friends.

I have multiple ideas. Can I apply more than once?

You may, but we recommend focusing on one project idea that is connected to your deepest passion.

My project idea will support a community outside of the USA. Is this okay?

Unfortunately, all our donors are based on the United States, so we only support local efforts to improve our communities. You’re welcome to launch a version of your project in the United States, then expand it after completing our Fellowship.

Can my Fellowship project count for service hours?

Absolutely! Our Fellows have used their project for their school service hours, service awards, Going for Gold projects, Eagle Scout projects, and more!

Who can write a recommendation letter for me?

We welcome letters from anyone who had mentored you that is not a direct family member. This includes, but is not limited to, teachers, coaches, bosses, pastors, and mentors. Someone who can speak directly about your passion for your project idea would be even better!

Our project has more than three members. Can we still apply?

To apply, your group will need to pick three or less members to lead the project. Those applying to the Fellowship will participate in our training, activities, and mentorship program. Other project members may be included as high school volunteers, but cannot join in Fellowship activities.

What kinds of service projects do we look for? Surprise us.
Innovation and passion are at the heart of Dragon Kim Fellowship. Where you go from there is endless.

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