The Fellowship Program

A Social Entrepreneurship Incubator. Earn $5,000 in funding to
impact your community!

Program Overview
The Fellowship Program

A Social Entrepreneurship Incubator.
Earn $5,000 in funding to
impact your community!

Program Overview


Check out how our Alumni are continuing their
efforts for world change through their passions.

Sidra Villacorta

University of California, Los Angeles

Alumni Feature

Hi! My name is Sidra Villacorta and I am an alumni of DKF-3. I am currently a senior at the Orange County School of the Arts in the Popular Music Conservatory. In the fall, I will be attending the University of California, Los Angeles, where I plan to double major in Applied Mathematics and Business Economics. My DKF project, The Latin Jazz Project: Ignite Your Rhythm, stemmed from my love of music and my desire to share it with underserved youth in my community who don’t have access to music opportunities in their homes or schools. The goal of my program is to provide free music training to youth so that they can find their own voices and learn the importance of collaboration, while also gaining confidence in themselves and their abilities. I started my program two years ago, and have since run two summer camps and two five-week workshops. I am currently in the planning process of our third summer camp, and I couldn’t be more excited to expand the love of Latin jazz. The Latin Jazz Project is also an official non-profit organization that I hope to continue for many years to come!

Shayda Moezzi

Massachusetts Institute of Technology

Alumni Feature

Hello! My name is Shayda Moezzi, I am an alumni from DKF-3 and currently a freshman at MIT planning to major in computer science and engineering. My DKF project, Inspire C.O.D.E. (Creation of Dynamic Experiences), began out of a culmination of my passion for coding and experience as a sister to a cancer survivor. Inspire C.O.D.E.’s mission is to bring joy to the lives of pediatric cancer patients through fun and engaging coding workshops. I am still continuing my passion to spread my love for coding through a partnership with the University of Oxford, where I work with students in the middle east and help them make their own AI project from scratch. This past semester I have also spent time researching explainable artificial intelligence and commonsense at the Computer Science and Artificial Intelligence Lab at MIT.


We have numerous Fellowship projects that have continued on since graduating from our Fellowship. Some have even become established 501(c)(3) businesses of their own! Click to view these projects in action today.


We’ve supported a number of documentaries and films through the Fellowship Program. It’s an honor to highlight the voices of our Dragons and the causes they care about!

The Invisible Condition by Nadia Ansari (DK-4)

Relive to Remember by Hina Kojima and Kana Kojima (DKF-4)

Reset by Christina Miles and Gabrielle Mikhail (DKF-4)

the book of you publication

Nara Duffie (DKF-3) ran project Book of You in the summer of 2019. She shared her love for writing in a summer camp, and closed out her program by helping every participant become a published author on Amazon. Click below to view and purchase our publication, “The Book of You.”

The inner
dragon podcast

Hosted by Dragon Alumni Nathan Lu (DKF-3) and Raj Parekh (DKF-2), we share and empower diverse voices of the community to inspire the next generation of youth leaders.

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