DKF-7, The Igniters

DKF-7, The Igniters

DKF-7, The Igniters

DKF-7, The Igniters

The Fellowship Program

The Dragon Kim Fellowship Program awards grants of up to $5,000 to project teams who want to change their corner of the world. DKF-7 consists of 80 Dragon Fellows leading 47 projects across California, Nevada, and Arizona that will be addressing the needs of their communities throughout the summer of 2023. We are so proud of the work these fellows have done, leading with genuine hearts and rich minds to share their passions with the world.

Learn more about their impact by watching the project videos below.




Fellows: Justin Freeman

Orange County School of the Arts

Blue Forget-Me-Not

Fellows: Afsana Awal, Citlalin Sevilla, Janani Burke

Bell High School

Beyond A Headache

Fellows: Gia Patel, Ramzi Idriss

Fairmont Preparatory Academy, Orange County
School of the Arts

Chess For Every Mind

Fellows: Yana Kapoor, Yashom Kapoor

Saratoga High School

Creative Labs

Fellows: Carson Ly, Robert Padilla

Foothill High School

Dancing For Difference

Fellows: Ava Biagiotti

Mater Dei High School


Fellows: Rohan Soni, Saara Dang

Orange County School of the Arts, Sage Hill

Designing the Future

Fellows: Jessica Resendiz, Marie Sofia Beatrice Salonga, Samantha Fernandez

Legacy Magent Academy

Emerging Engineers

Fellows: Sofia Ahmed

Arnold O. Beckman Highschool


Fellows: Lyn Huang, Xinchun Audrey Zhang

Orange County School of the Arts

Find Your Light

Fellows: Lana Lee, Lily Jang

Orange County School of the Arts, Woodbridge
High School

Finding Joy

Fellows: Kiera (Ananya) Sheth

Legacy Magnet Academy

Give a Child a Book

Fellows: Araceli Ramirez Alonso, Fernanda Sebastian

San Pasqual High School

Happier: A Journey to Self-Discovery

Fellows: Hope (Thi) Chan

Redondo Union High School


Fellows: Dylan Dwight, Savina Wang

Edison Highschool, Beckman High School

Leaders For LAX

Fellows: Grace Burke, Mackenzie Farley

St. Margaret’s Episcopal School, Linfield
Christian School


Fellows: Om Darji

Trabuco Hills High School

Major Musicality

Fellows: Namrata Manikandan

Namrata Manikandan


Fellows: Anna Gabriel, Antonio Hatziris

Sage Hill School, Newport Harbor High School

Printing the Future

Fellows: Madison Lee

Los Altos High School

Project BMT

Fellows: Colin Hsu, Liliana Orlina, Melanie Villalobos

Legacy Magnet Academy

Project Insight

Fellows: Audrey Kim, Taren Azizi

Orange County School of the Arts

Project REACH

Fellows: Avery Yew

Los Alamitos High School

Rising Writers

Fellows: Ciara Robertson

St. Margaret’s Episcopal School

School of Life

Fellows: Ruby Perez Ortega

Middle College High School

Seasons of Support

Fellows: Mia Dominguez

Palos Verdes High School

Second Serve

Fellows: Baylie Wong, Jacob Kong, Justin Le

Northwood High School, Aliso Niguel High School

Sister Support Project

Fellows: Audrey Jeon, Lauren Han, Lilah Mayernik

Sonora High School

Somewhere in Time

Fellows: Kaylie Viloria, Kyle Kim

Orange County School of the Arts

Teacher’s Pet

Fellows: Natalie Hoffman

Orange County School of the Arts

The Butterfly Project

Fellows: Giuliana Nelson, Madeleine Kashkooli

Polytechnic School

The Comedy Lab

Fellows: Emma LeSieur

Newport Harbor High School

The Noteworthy Project

Fellows: Alexis Martin

Chadwick School

The Recycling Dictionary

Fellows: Jiin Yun, Mankio (Mary) Hong

Orange County School of the Arts

Two Step Together

Fellows: Edward Chen, Jadon Vo

Orange County School of the Arts

Visions & Ventures

Fellows: Ella Pintar, Radley Copps

St. Margaret’s Episcopal School

Yoga Connect

Fellows: Ananya Barjatiya

Valencia High School



Fellows: Zhirui (Ray) Chen

The Meadows School

Break the Cycle

Fellows: Meher Dhaliwal, Yasamin Goravanchi

The Meadows School

Earthly Angels

Fellows: Angie Gonzalez, Chloe Fernandez-Amato, Hannah Ranai

Nevada State High School, Nevada Connections Academy, Faith Lutheran High School

Empower Karate

Fellows: Sumedh Seetharam

Scottsdale Preparatory Academy

Empowering Immigrants

Fellows: Katelyn Cambeiro

Bishop Gorman High School

Empowering Our Refugee Youth

Fellows: Ezzah Tariq

The Meadows School


Fellows: Jeslyn Cho

West Career and Technical Academy

Improving Literacy Skills Early On

Fellows: Sofia Cupich

Green Valley High School


Fellows: Kaitlyn Markham, Karina Zaveri

Xavier College Preparatory

My Tasty Table

Fellows: Aanvi Goel, Karina Koppikar, Riya Mehta

Xavier College Prepatory

Do you have a great out-of-the-box idea?

Want to join our Dragon Family next summer?  We would love to hear about your passions and commitment to helping your community. Fellowship applications will open again November 1st. If you have any questions along the way, we are here for you! Send us a message, and we’ll get back to you as soon as possible.We would love to hear about your passions and commitment to helping your community. 

Are you an administrator or teacher?  We would love to come to your campus and share our program with your students. Our staff and interns will share more about our program and what we’re looking for in our Dragon Fellows. Students will also receive support to help students build their project idea and application. Please contact our Program Director, Amber Serafin, at [email protected] to host one of our Inspiration Sessions.

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