About Us

We're united by one idea: young people have the creativity, fire
and energy to change the world.
About Us

We're united by one idea:
young people have the creativity, fire
and energy to change the world.


Our Mission
Our mission is to inspire our youth to impact their communities while discovering and pursuing their passions.
Dragon Manifesto

Be more than a leader, be a dragon.

The world underestimates young people. We’re here to change that.


  • knows life is a gift and lives it to the fullest
  • believes life is what he makes it, and makes it amazing
  • works hard to achieve what doesn’t come naturally to her
  • perseveres through adversity – even tragedy – to lift up others 
  • is quick to offer a hand and unafraid to ask for help
  • inspires others to find the fire in their belly
  • leads with head and heart
  • empowers other dragons

What if every person in the world lived like a dragon? 

What if we helped everyone discover their inner dragon?

Together we can.

Welcome to the Dragon Kim Foundation. Mentor a dragon. Empower a dragon. Become a dragon.
Join the family.

“His spirit continues to fly over us, keeping us under his big wings.”

Why are We Different
  • Our Fellowship Program
    • A 3-in-1 experience: Our Fellows receive weekly mentoring, business training, and seed funding to launch their vision!
    • Our program is 100% tuition free, and we work rigorously every year to recruit students from marginalized or low-income communities.
  • Our Music Program
    • Teaching the Art of Teaching: Our Music Student Teachers have the opportunity to receive feedback and mentoring from credentialed Master Teachers. They build lessons plans, are observed during their classes, and have time to review their progress weekly.
    • Our program is 100% tuition free, including lending out free instruments and music supplies for every student to use at home.

Our Team


Board of Directors



In August 2015, while we were on a family camping trip in Yosemite, a massive tree branch fell on the tent in which our beloved son, Dragon Kim, and his dear friend, Justin Lee, were sleeping. Dragon and Justin were instantly killed.

They say grief is love with nowhere to go. Our love for Dragon needed somewhere to land. We established The Dragon Kim Foundation in Dragon’s honor to carry on his love of life, to make it possible for other young people to pursue their passions, and to help give others access to a bright future.

Dragon loved many things — math, his dogs, hanging out with friends, guacamole. But most of all, Dragon loved music. As a freshman at the Orange County School of the Arts, Dragon and a few friends had gathered to discuss how they could provide musical instruments and instruction to underserved kids in Santa Ana, where their school is located. So as the first project of The Dragon Kim Foundation, we started a music program to bring Dragon’s dream of helping kids learn and love music to life.

More importantly, we had always told our children that it was their job to find what they love to do. But we realized that not all children have those opportunities, so the mission of the Foundation has been to give children, regardless of socio-economic background, those important opportunities to pursue what they enjoy, and in the process, make positive changes in their communities.

Dragon was our shining star — bright, warm, generous, and always beaming. He cared deeply not only for family but for his friends and for those around him. He had a talent for teaching young kids. We believe that this is some of the work he would have pursued, and that the best way to keep his spirit alive is through supporting the achievements of others. Please join us in this journey to give our youth more opportunities to pursue what they are passionate about.

Dragon, we love you so much. Thank you for bringing laughter, love, and music to our lives. You are our precious son, and you will live on in our hearts and in the work of the Dragon Kim Foundation.

With Much Love,
Grace and Daniel Kim


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