Meet Kimberly.

Kimberly is a twelve year old, 7th grader in our Music Program. When she first walked into our classroom in 2016, and we asked the kids to choose their instruments, Kimberly walked straight to the trombone.  The trombone is the same instrument Dragon played, so it will always be my favorite.  Kimberly picked it up the two pieces of the trombone from its case and watched carefully as Dominic, one of her mentors, showed her how to assemble it.  Though it’s not easy to even make a sound on the trombone, Kimberly was able to make a squeak from the very beginning.  Three years later, Kimberly is still in our program, and still playing the trombone.  I’m so proud of her for sticking with this — that takes dedication!  My friend Theresa and I sat with Kimberly recently to hear her story. Theresa asked her why she chose the trombone.

Kimberly answered, “I watched the movie, La La Land, and I’ve always wanted to know what Jazz was.  I’ve been influenced by my brothers, and they told me that trombone was best for jazz, so I chose it.  I’ve been playing it all three years.”

I never knew that that was the reason!  Theresa continued by asking Kimberly what she liked best about our music program, to which Kimberly answered, “My favorite part of the program is, everyday I get here, I learn something new, even if it’s not from the instrument. It’s just like, anything… I learn something new everyday.”

Wow.  Humbled.

Without your support, children like Kimberly wouldn’t get the opportunities to learn how to play music, and wouldn’t get to experience the joy of learning in this supportive and fun environment.  Kimberly ended our talk by saying the words I now say to you, “Thank you so much for helping us.  I don’t know how you guys do it, but it’s really amazing.”

Yup, what she said.

To see our video with Kimberly and her classmate, Sergio, click here!