Let us introduce you to Teren Shaffer, OCSA’s Dean of Arts Conservatories and the conductor of OCSA’s Frederick Fennell Wind Ensemble.  Teren was the OCSA administrator who offered Dragon a place at OCSA.  Teren believed in Dragon and took a chance on Dragon way back when. When Dragon first conceived the idea of the music instruction program, he approached Teren with his proposal and worked with Teren to put the first pieces of the program in place.

Teren has been instrumental, pun intended, in bringing the Foundation’s music instruction program to life. We are thankful for Teren’s dedication to our cause in spreading arts, academics, and athletics to deserving children. Teren and his wife, Brianna, are also the proud new parents of darling baby boy, Wesley.


Your Name: Teren Shaffer
Your Title: Dean of Arts Conservatories, OCSA
Your Instrument: Conductor, and Saxophone, BassoonWhat is your favorite song or piece of music?  Leos Jonacek: Sinfonietta, the Schumann Symphonies, and anything funk — Tower of Power!Please share a significant memory, having to do with music:
The most memorable performance in my career thus far was with OCSA’s Wind Ensemble at theNational Concert Band Festival in 2014 (Indianapolis, IN).  This performance paved the way for our acceptance into the Midwest Clinic, the “Olympics” for bands and orchestras of all levels, internationally.There was an incredibly synergy and commitment from all musicians on that early morning in Indiana.  The level of artistry was astounding, and we knew it was just an incredibly authentic performance when hearing the thunderous applause and the commentary from our distinguished panel of adjudicators.  We were all in tears from the power of this performance.  A very special memory for me and my students.If you could have one superpower, what would it be?  Traveling in time.