Dragon and friends at Homecoming

dear dragon and his family,

dragon was truly a one of a kind person.  i remember one day we were in our block 1 class and he just stormed inside and then he realized he was in the wrong class.  he ran out the door and our class burst into laughter.  during finals week we had our impromptu speeches for lit & comp and he told us about the time his eyebrows were burned off.  puaha.  it was not the story we were expecting.  he almost got a perfect score on that speech… he missed by one point and I missed by 2.  he was so frustrated.  hahaha.  there was this other time when i was giving my speech and all of the sudden my face was on fire.  i thought i was blushing, but i didn’t understand why.  i was praying that it wasn’t noticeable, but right after i finished, dragon said, “your face turned bright red!”  i was so embarrassed.  hahaha.

he always had his huge messenger bag that would drive everyone crazy. he would always see me eating my fruit and would laugh at me. puahaha.  during our algebra II/trig class he would always come up to me and ask what was for homework that day and you would see him finishing just as the bell rang.  he was really smart as i thought our math homework was really hard.  hehe.  during an earthquake drill we sat outside and talked.  somehow we came to the point where he was saying his chinese last name was TSAI.  i was like, my last name is TSAI.  anyways, he was just a really great guy.  everyone truly misses him.