I’m humbled by the generosity of all of you that have donated to the Dragon Kim Foundation.  Yesterday, a neighbor of ours from down the street, someone that frankly we don’t know very well, came by with a hug, an offer to bring us Thanksgiving food, a condolence card, and a check.  It was a very generous check.  I was so touched.

Today, Daniel, Hannah, and I are all in great pain.  If I could stop tomorrow from coming, I would.  I can’t bear the thought of a Thanksgiving without Dragon. But then this afternoon, a package came from the mother of a fellow OCSA student.  She sent us a brand new Bach TB301 Trombone.  They run over $1300!  This mother has already donated to the Foundation twice, and is also giving us her father’s trumpet.  Amidst my misery, I saw a shiny moment of goodness in her desire to help us and in this gorgeous trombone.  It made me realize that, though Dragon will not be with us this Thanksgiving, Dragon’s spirit shines on.  Thank you, neighbor.  Thank you, friend.

I wish I could personally thank the many family and friends that handed us checks and used instruments at the memorial and the funeral.  I wish I could personally thank the 100 people that have donated to the Foundation online in the month since we’ve launched. I am grateful for the friends that have helped us set up the Foundation, and for the OCSA faculty and students that are working to launch our first Foundation project – a brass ensemble — in January. With all your help, we will indeed help deserving children lead amazing lives.  For all your generosity, we give thanks.