When you name your son “Dragon”, you get all sorts of reactions, ranging from “That’s the coolest name I’ve ever heard!” to the one I overheard in the park when Dragon was about three: “Honey, don’t call him ‘Dragon’, that’s not nice!”  The name is certainly memorable.

When we found out we were pregnant in the year 2000, the year of the golden Dragon, like all newly pregnant parents, we discussed and debated what we would name our child.  We wanted a name that was unique and that reflected our heritage.  Daniel wanted to name him Ghengis.  After I reminded him that the Mongols invaded China, where my ancestors are from, my father gently chimed in, “You can name him whatever you like, but if it’s okay with you, in Taiwanese, we’ll call him Xiao Leong, or Little Dragon.”  Daniel and I suddenly locked eyes.  We had found the perfect name.

Now, The Dragon Kim Foundation needs a logo, a mark that will symbolize the organization established in honor of our Dragon.  To develop a logo, we are launching a logo contest and inviting you to enter.  Help us create a mark that symbolizes the exploration and achievement of hopes and dreams, one that also embodies the power and good fortune of the dragon.

We’ll accept logos until January 8, giving everyone the holiday break to work on a design.  As we receive submissions, we’ll post them online for all to see.  Then we’ll open the contest up for voting and ask for your help to choose 10 finalists.  Lastly, from among the 10 finalists, the Dragon Kim Foundation Advisory Team will then choose one winner, to be announced January 25.  The Foundation will award the winner bragging rights and $100.  Thank you for helping us design the coolest foundation logo!