Yesterday was Dragon’s birthday.  He would have been 15.

Dragon loved celebrating his birthday.  I asked him once, “What’s the best part about your birthday?”  to which he answered, “Feeling special.”  I wish I had done more in the past to celebrate his birthday – bacon for breakfast, an In-and-Out delivery at school for lunch, bought him that expensive Shires bass trombone he wanted.  As a working mom, I was happy if I could get myself organized enough to drive a few friends down to the beach to go paddleboarding for his birthday, which is what we did last year.

I wish I could’ve made Dragon feel special this year on his birthday, but he is no longer here.

We struggled with what to do with that day.  Our first reaction was to go away.  Fly somewhere.  Distract ourselves.  But there’s really no running away, is there?  There’s not a place we could go where we wouldn’t be thinking about him, on his birthday, or any day.  So instead, we brought the same friends to the same beach.  We lit candles.  We prayed.  We celebrated Dragon and remembered Dragon.  We released balloons into the heavens, including 15 red ones. We had pumpkin pie, which was his favorite.  It’s what Dragon would have wanted.  It’s what would have made him feel special.

Happy Birthday, Dragon.  Happy Birthday, our dear son.
Every day, with all my heart, I will miss you. And each time I think of you, you will feel my blessing.