I went with Hannah yesterday to get our eyebrows done.  We go to this threading place.  It’s amazing — threading.  In case you don’t know, as I didn’t for a very long time, threading is a technique for precisely removing unwanted hair, like around your eyebrows.  In threading, they take a very thin thread, double it up, and twist it.  By rolling the twisted thread over an area, they pluck and shape.  So you come in with a bit of a mess, but a few roll-overs with these magical threads and a mere five minutes later – voila! Shapely brows.

I sat in the chair next to Hannah.  Hannah’s eyebrows were finished first.  She moved over to the chairs at the front of the salon, the ones next to the magazines you can read while you’re waiting.  The Nepalese woman doing my brows looked over at Hannah, smiled at me, and asked, “Do you only have one girl?”

Closing my eyes, I saw a vision of Dragon.  Rosy-cheeked, bright-eyed, doing his homework at our dining table. Smart Dragon, sweet Dragon.  My firstborn, my son. I opened my eyes, saw the other customers sitting on either side of me, and the Nepalese woman peering down at me, her question hanging in the air.

A sigh.  A stab.

“Yes,” I answered.