Our Alumni

We love our Dragon Fellows, our Music Mentors, our Musicians, and our Scholarship recipients.  They are big-hearted, passionate people!  Let us introduce you to a few of them!

Finding My Passion

-Claire Josey
Senior, Woodbridge High School


As one of last year’s Dragon Fellows, I am continually inspired by the Kim Family and the other students in the Fellowship Program, a community of influencers that are each making a profound impact on their own corners of the world.


This past summer, I partnered with Toby Fan to run our fellowship project, “Saving Seniors’ Stories.” We turned the priceless experience of learning our own grandparents’ life stories into a project documenting the lives of over 50 senior citizens in the form of DVD keepsakes.

Unexpectedly, Saving Seniors’ Stories led to my discovery of a new interest in working with senior citizens. In painting a picture of their lives for their grandchildren, the seniors had captivated me with the stories and lessons they shared, leading me to consider geriatric medicine as a potential career path.

I am so thrilled to soon be welcoming a new class of Dragon Fellows who will also be empowered to help others, in turn challenging and growing themselves in new ways. Because of your financial support and involvement in the Dragon Kim Foundation, students like myself have been able to explore our passions and become influencers, impacting our communities and serving others.

Orange County’s 100 Most Influential!

Dragon Fellows Katherine McPhie and Milan Narula were recently recognized for their fellowship project, “Open Sesame: Coding for Kids.” The University High students were recognized by the Orange County Register’s 100 Most Influential of 2018 for their work in sharing their passion for coding with children at domestic violence shelters.


Hooray for Katherine and Milan!