DKF-6, Dragon Warriors

DKF-6, Dragon Warriors

The Fellowship Program

The Dragon Kim Fellowship Program awards grants of up to $5,000 to project teams who want to change their corner of the world. DKF-6 consisted of 70 Dragon Fellows leading 35 projects across California, Nevada, and Arizona that addressed the needs of their communities. Check out the project videos to see the impact they made during the summer of 2022!



All Queens

Fellows: Julissa Rodriguez, Ashley Melendez

Samueli Academy
Mentor: Daniela Martinez, Nestlé USA

Bowl For the Soul

Fellows: Ashley Han-Wei

St. Francis Catholic High School
Mentor: Pete Hartigan, Trusted Ventures; Stacy Handley, CoreLogic

Competitive Edge

Fellows: Avery Ngo, Cecy Rivera

Middle College High School, Segerstrom High School
Mentor: Wendy Chau, U.S. Bank; Krystal Gallegos, U.S. Bank

CodeCraft OC

Fellows: Ethan Nguyen, Azmeer Qureshi, Daniel Chen-Wong

San Juan Hills High School, Tesoro High School
Mentor: Rina Gurr, HCL Tech

Coding Campers

Fellows: Abbi Park, Tane Kim, Joshua Ta

Orange County School of the Arts
Mentor: Carol Luong, Google

Dental Explorers

Fellows: Brennan Chang-Ho, Alyssa Ho

Mentor: Neeti Dang

E-liminating E-Waste

Fellows: Katelyn Gan

Sage Hill School
Mentor: Nathalie Gravel, Kingston Technology

Global Education

Fellows: Abigail Hamid

Palisades Charter High School
Mentor: Gary Smith, Wealth Builders

Helping Hands

Fellows: Allegrah Soueidan, Fnu Anu, Daniela Hernandez

Costa Mesa High School
Mentor: Christopher Gonzalez, Pacific Life Insurance Company

Hoops and Coders

Fellows: Gabrielle DeCuir, Shrika Andhe

Valencia High School
Mentor: Hazim Ansari, Novel IP


Fellows: Emily Im, Evelyn Pae

La Cañada High School, Los Angeles County High School for the Arts
Mentor: Agustine Pimentel, Los Angeles Chamber of Commerce

Hearts N’ Hope

Fellows: Anjali Mitapally, Sanjana Ramakrishan

Northwood High School
Mentor: James Wright, Kimonos for Kai

Insight Diaries

Fellows: Chloe Lee, Kaylee Chun

La Cañada High School
Mentor: David Choi, AAX Media

Kids, Published

Fellows: Christopher Jun, Mateo Frey, Thomas Catalan

Geffen Academy
Mentor: Mitch Park, Targus

Let’s Gogh Code

Fellows: Sarah Gao

Canyon Crest Academy
Mentor: Daniel Cho, Instil; Jenn Yang, Esusu

Money 101

Fellows: Tyler Chiu, Srijesh Molala

Van Nuys High School
Mentor: Neal Catig, Planet Labs

Music Composition 4 Kids

Fellows: Darius Mahjoob, Luke Mooney, Nikiel Douglas

Santa Margarita Catholic High School
Mentor: Anny Choe, Banyan Tree Asset Management, LLC

Published Points of View

Fellows: Cammie Hong, Ethan Rhee

La Cañada High School
Mentor: Joseph Kim, Mr. Joseph’s Tennis; Daniel Kim, Third Street School

Project Talent Launch

Fellows: Steven Zhengnan Li

Polytechnic High School
Mentor: Henry Morita, Pure Azul Beverages

Project Sox

Fellows: Alan Sanchez, Drake Shallahamer

Legacy Magnet Academy
Mentor: Nate Bazyk, Visible Intellect

Project Fusion

Fellows: Amisha Chandra, Zainab Hemani

Legacy Magnet Academy
Mentor: Katie Mednick, Registered Dietitian


Fellows: Adrian Lazzi

Mentor: Willie Du, Edwards Lifesciences

Seeds For New Beginnings

Fellows: Luz Luna

El Dorado High School
Mentor: Colleen Kirtland, Pacific Life Insurance Company

Sea Explorers

Fellows: Alex Bryan, Gabriella Zuniga

San Juan Hills High School
Mentor: Alex Cornell du Houx, EOPA

Tech Talk

Fellows: Krisha Parekh, Jason Trinh

Cypress High School, Villa Park High School
Mentor: Caroline Wong Nakata, Nestlé/Chevron/Michael Chang Foundation

The Senior and Youth Hangout

Fellows: Katherine Marquez, Kenia Mejia, Emily Tudela

Samueli Academy
Mentor: Andrea Flores, Pacific Life Insurance Company

Touch Therapy

Fellows: Claire Lee, Allison Lin

Crean Lutheran High School
Mentor: Helen Yi, Broadcom


Fellows: Sara Balanta, Camila Balanta

Orange County School of the Arts
Mentor: Mayella Salazar, SAUSD

Una Curita A La Vez

Fellows: Esmeralda Matias, Odalis Cruz, Jessica Gaspar Angeles

Orange Glen High School
Mentor: Austin Fan, Dunleer Group


Coping Skills for Kids

Fellows: Robert Barsel

The Meadows School

Culinary Relief

Fellows: Kevin Ding, Manat Chopra, Ray Trac

The Meadows School

Filling the Gaps

Fellows: Alexsys Rigg, Hailey Mendez, Marguerite Brill

College of Southern Nevada HS, Las Vegas Academy of the Arts


Fellows: Sanjay Verma

Chaparral High School

SLAY the Future!

Fellows: Patrick Donn Dimasin

West Career Technical Academy

Counting Takedowns

Fellows: Audrey Jimenez, Jaime Rivera, Michael Avelar

Sunnyside High School

Do you have a great out-of-the-box idea?

Want to join our Dragon Family next summer?  We would love to hear about your passions and commitment to helping your community. Fellowship applications will open again November 1st. If you have any questions along the way, we are here for you! Send us a message, and we’ll get back to you as soon as possible.We would love to hear about your passions and commitment to helping your community.

Are you an administrator or teacher?  We would love to come to your campus and share our program with your students. Our staff and interns will share more about our program and what we’re looking for in our Dragon Fellows. Students will also receive support to help students build their project idea and application. Please contact our Program Director, Amber Serafin, at [email protected] to host one of our Inspiration Sessions.

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