Our 2019 Dragon Fellows

DKF-3: The Game Changers

Our 2019 Dragon Fellows did amazing work serving their community. We put on our first play, opened our first art exhibit, and published our first book! We also go to teach under served children about recycling, government, coding, dance, and even the SAT! (Some kids even got to meet a camel and zebra, fancy that.) We’re so proud, and can’t wait to see what they do next. Check out their work below. #foreverdragons

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Children Read Together

Alexies Benitez, Jessica Perez (Circulos at Advanced Learning Academy)
Inspiring a love of reading among English Learners through interactive activities. 

Instagram: @children_read_together

Facebook: Children Read Together

Civics for Kids

Andres Medina, Isabel Ortega (Circulos at Advanced Learning Academy)
Providing a fun and creative installation to teach about government and civic engagement. 

Instagram: @civics_for_kids

Dance Science Integration

Arielle Dettmer (OSCA), Ekko Kunkle (Santiago High School)
Presenting dance and the science behind it to low-income families as a summer enrichment program.

Instagram: @dancescienceintegration

Facts First

Allie Kim, Kaelyn Park (Marlborough High School)
Providing journalism classes for students across the greater LA area to inform them of what fake news is and how to differentiate it from the truth.

Instagram: @factsfirst.dkf

G.O.A.L (Guiding Oustanding, Active Learners)

Fashion Castillo-Delgadillo, Vinutha Sandadi (Oxford Academy)
Fostering leadership skills through engaging lessons connecting sports and science that also encourage an active lifestyle.

Instagram: @goal.dkf

Facebook: GOAL

Get R.E.A.D.Y! (Real Education Advancement for Deserving Youth)

Andres Lizardo, Maaso Ortega (Polytechnic High School)
Implementing a summer intensive aimed to increase college prep test scores of marginalized communities and encourage college readiness.

Instagram: @get_ready_dkf

Hammer Time

Truong Nguyen, Jason Ho, Coby D Xa (Oxford Academy)
Teaching middle school children science and engineering skills through the construction of RC vehicles (boats, cars, airplanes, etc).

Instagram: @hammertime.dkf

Inspire C.O.D.E (Creation of Dynamic Experiences)

Hannah Hong, Shayda Moezzi (Carlsbad High School
Teaching childhood cancer patients how to code and program a robot.

Instagram: @inspirecode.dkf

Native Storytelling

Isabelle and Sophia Madrigal (OSCA)
Fostering cultural pride and revitalization, as well as improving Native American representation in the arts, through the writing and acting of a play.


IG: @nativestorytelling

Pastel Art for Kids

Ashley Yuen, Lauren Yuen (Irvine High School)
Teaching underprivileged kids fun, effective art techniques that will transform their art into realistic, vibrant masterpieces while giving them a platform to express their creative thoughts.


Instagram: @pastelartforkids

Step Ahead

Arly Adame, Maximilian Uehara (OCSA)
Establishing a free, need-based summer leadership and performance arts seminar for underserved children.

Instagram: @stepahead_perform

Storytellers, Inc.

Hannah Kim, Ella Webb, Sylvia Miranda (OCSA)
Supporting non-profits in spreading their mission through the creation of promotional videos and social media campaign films.

Story Time Tap

Olivia Kim, Tiffany Lee (Polytechnic High School)
Making musical theatre tap accessible to kids in underserved communities

Instagram: @storytimetap

The Barber Shop Book Club

Masoud McLeod, Devon Smith (CA School of the Arts, OC School of the Arts)
Placing bookcases in barbershops of under-resourced communitites to provide literature options for young waiting patrons to promote literacy, culminating in a literacy summit.

Instagram: @bsbc.dkf

The Book of You

Nara Duffie (California School of the Arts)
Inspiring creativity in students by encouraging them to write short stories, published in a book.


The Growing Tree

Daniel Zhu, Timothy Jun, Joey Laderer (OC School of the Arts)
Exposing students to environmental conservation, teaching them the importance of a vegetable and herbal based diet, and encouraging them to be proactive in growing and preparing food.


Instagram: @thegrowingtree.dkf

The Latin Jazz Project: Ignite Your Rhythm

Sidra Villacorta, Henry Ross (OC School of the Arts)
Introducing Latin jazz styles of music to elementary aged students to foster their creativity and uncover possible passions.

Instagram: @ignite_your_rhythm

Trudie Strobel: A Life in Tapestry

Maya Savin Miller (Polytechnic High School), Lila Dworsky-Hickey (South Pasadena High School
Exhibiting the work of Holocaust survivor and tapestry artist, Trudie Strobel


Instagram: @alifeintapestry

Y.O.S.E (Youth Outdoor Science Education Project)

Evan Kowal, Aidan Lewis, Tianho Wei (South Pasadena High School)
Providing outdoor science education and experiences to underserved elementary school students in the Pasadena area.


Instagram: @yose_project

We served a variety of communities across Southern California.

Check out our interactive map below to see where they’ve been!

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