Kicking Off Fellowship Projects!

by Claire Josey


After months of lesson-planning, budgeting, and preparations, many of our Dragon Fellows are finally kicking off their projects. As an intern, I have had the opportunity to see a number of these projects in action.


Harnessing imaginations


As our team entered “Step Ahead,” Dragon Fellows Maximilian Uehara and Arly Adame were harnessing the active imaginations of kids at the OC Rescue Mission as they battled fire-breathing dragons, crawled through caves, and jumped over flaming lava. These Fellows aim to inspire a love of performing in children who typically have limited access to this art form.

“Totally gross, but cool”


That same day, children at the Rockwood Homeless Student Family Housing were excited to show us the model lungs they had created with water bottles and balloons under the guidance of Fashion Castillo-Delgadillo and Vinutha Sandadi. These Dragon Fellows are running “GOAL,” where they are integrating their passions for sports and science. The kids couldn’t wait to tell us all about their sheep brain dissection from earlier that week, where they had learned about concussions, which they described as “totally gross, but cool.”

Rhythms on fire


We were equally blown away by the kids in “The Latin Jazz Project: Ignite Your Rhythm” who have been finding their rhythm on bongos, cowbells, and other percussion instruments. Dragon Fellows Henry Ross and Sidra Villacorta are teaching children at KidWorks to play along to lively jazz music in small ensembles. Students’ faces lit up as they learned to coordinate complex hand movements with percussion instruments, uncovering new talents and passions.