Dragon Kim Memorial Scholarships

2017 College Scholarships

For 2017, we have established two $5,000 college scholarships for graduating seniors at the Orange County School of the Arts (OCSA), Dragon’s school, to recognize leadership, community service, talent, and hard work.  We received applications from incredible students, making it very difficult to choose. However, two incredible young women ultimately rose to the top.  Please join us in congratulating our winners:

Soo Rim Lee

To introduce our first winner, we have to admit that we were pretty charmed by this student from the moment we met her. We admire her for her pioneering work in building her art collective, LIME Train, which brings together artists from different disciplines.  We admire how she’s given back to OCSA as editor of Dreamscape, the digital yearbook, President of OCSA’s science olympiad team, and producer of the beloved Art Attack, just to name a few of the half dozen clubs in which she is involved on campus, and without listing Soo Rim’s long list of film festivals and awards.  We particularly admire her desire to pursue her future as a filmmaker, starting with studying film at Columbia University this Fall, and know we will someday soon see her on the red carpet.  Please join me in congratulating, for our first Dragon Kim Memorial Scholarship, from FTV, Soo Rim Lee.


And in Soo Rim’s own words:


The Dragon Kim Foundation’s message about compassion, giving back to one’s community, and the importance of arts education is truly inspiring. Thus, it is truly meaningful to me that I was awarded this scholarship. I am incredibly grateful for this honor and would like to thank the Dragon Kim Foundation. I deeply believe that art is an important part of all of our lives. Therefore, I promise that I will continue to not only support the arts, but continue to try my best to make a positive impact in the world with my works. I would like to thank my family, friends, and teachers for enriching my life and teaching me everyday about kindness and dedication to help others.

Isabela Kimmel

I am Isabela Kimmel, a Senior at the Orange County School of the Arts, from the Classical and Contemporary Dance Conservatory (CCD). Aside from dancing, I have been a Girl Scout for 14 years and have always been interested in learning about other cultures and meeting people from other countries.  While visiting an orphanage in Peru in 2015, I saw a huge gap in the number of educational opportunities that children have compared to the United States and was inspired to focus my Girl Scout Gold Award on providing educational resources for children in underprivileged countries. In 2016, I worked with Outward Bound, a non-profit organization to identified a small school in a remote indigenous village called Bajo Coen in Costa Rica that needed books. The village is so remote that has no electricity or Costa Rica’s government support. I led a team of scouts from across the country coming to this trip to start a sustainable library in the village. bringing hundreds of Spanish books and thousands of school supplies. During our stay in Bajo Coen, we built, sanded and varnished shelving, trained the teachers on library procedures, painted buildings, and implemented a system with Outward Bound that will keep supplying books to the school over the years. I will be a Freshman at UCLA this fall, majoring in World Arts and Culture – Dance where I want to continue searching for ways to open more educational and artistic opportunities for children, especially in other countries.

2017 Finalists

Alyssa Kardos

Brianna Satow

Casie Bacani

Collin Morrell

Eugenia Yoh

Isabela Kimmel

Jean Song

Julia Jorgensen

Lily Taylor

Noah Bailyn

Ryan Sanders

Sebastien Dulor

Soorim Lee

Yasmeen Anand

2016 Scholarship Winners

Please join us in congratulating two amazing OCSA seniors, our first recipients of the Dragon Kim Memorial Scholarship:
Eve La Puma and Olivia Mazzucato. 

Both Eve and Olivia consider themselves storytellers, though each is so in her own way.  We interviewed these two accomplished young women to learn more about how they found their way to storytelling and to get their advice for young people trying to find and explore areas to be passionate about.

Eve La Puma, Wind Studies

Our first scholarship winner, Eve La Puma, is a student in the Wind Studies program.  Eve had the highest GPA of all our Wind Studies applicants.  Her musicality was lauded by her instructors, who praised her for her commitment to the Wind Ensemble.  Eve spent last summer in Washington DC, volunteering as a counselor with the Mary House, where she taught music and theater arts to low income children.  She saw how this program taught the kids how to express themselves through art, and she saw how much they enjoyed this experience and how it helped build their confidence.  This experience has inspired Eve to some day develop an after school program or possibly a school to teach students about all aspects of theater, bringing the arts to young kids — a vision very much in keeping with the mission of the Dragon Kim Foundation.  Lastly, her teachers and counselors pointed out her vision and leadership in bringing the Tri-M Music Honors Society to OCSA, and praised her generous spirit.  Eve will be a freshman at Stanford University this Fall.

Olivia Mazzucato, Film & Television

Our scholarship winner, Olivia Mazzucato, is a senior in the Film & TV Conservatory.  Olivia was chosen from among over 40 applicants.  She has achieved an admirably high weighted GPA from a tough schedule full of AP courses, demonstrating her exceptional academic capabilities.  With a long string of films that she has written, directed, and produced, Olivia shares her vision through both fictional and documentary films. One of her films, “Paper Rose”, has already been integrated into the anti-bullying curriculum of many schools. A skilled writer and filmmaker, she would like to create stories about compelling female characters in order to alter the way women are perceived, thus empowering young girls and helping them to see that they can be anything they want to be. As a way of giving back to her community, Olivia founded a “Lights! Camera! Action! Film Camp” through the Orange County Public Library to teach film to students ages 9-16.  Olivia will be a freshman at UCLA this fall as a pre-med with a possible career as a surgeon, which will undoubtedly compete with her talent and vision as a filmmaker.